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Windows10 Common Windows Errors and How to Fix them


10 Common Windows Errors and How to Fix them

Restart your computer and check if the error presents itself again or not. Then, check the box marked Apply repairs automatically and click on Next, as highlighted below. Troubleshooter will detect and fix the problems automatically. Plug in devices one-by-one with the CPU/monitor or dekstop or USB port of laptop to determine which device is the source of the issue. If you’re experiencing problems with your computer’s graphics or sound, updating your drivers may fix them.

Your BSOD won’t definitively identify the cause, but if you get the error more than once while running a particular program, that app might be to blame. If there’s an updated version available, be sure to download upgrade. If not, try uninstalling that app to see if the problem goes away. You can follow the instructions in our article on uninstalling programs on Windows 10.

Finding files with tags

If it happens, then you will need to use a reliable data recovery tool to recover any of the erased data. If not, then it is most probably a hardware issue and you should go to a computer service center near you. System Restore is the process of taking your pc back to a point where it was working properly. For example, if the date is the 11th of October, you can perform a system restore to take your pc back to the date of 1st October when there was no issues. Restart your pc and check whether the blue screen still pops up or not. Restart your pc and check whether the blue screen pops up or not.

  • This post also teaches you how to use Event Viewer on Windows 10.
  • Under “Event level” you ought to be able to select “Critical” for less info or any of the other options for more info.
  • For persistent blue screen errors, try the steps above to identify and remediate the issue.
  • An application hang error appears in the Event log when a program running in your server stops responding.

Enable your privacy settings and you’re done. When you are working on your PC, your hard disk and RAM are writing and reading data. If your computer shuts down unexpectedly, you may lose some of the data stored in RAM — in the worst-case scenario, this can even lead to hard disk damage. Thus, when you turn on your computer after an “improper” shutdown, Windows will automatically scan your driver, trying to fix the issues that occurred in the process. Among some of the most frequently reported Windows 10 errors is the error message that shows up on startup and says, “Scanning and repairing drive”. Sometimes, the error message gets stuck on the screen, preventing your PC from booting properly.

Solved: Windows 10 version 21H2 slow shutdown and restart problem

Proceed through any dialogs that appear while Windows repairs the installation. If Windows still fails to boot after the repair, a full reinstallation may be your only recourse. Make a backup of important files if possible. The process shouldn’t affect any of the installed files, but having a backup is always a safer idea. You may wonder what causes broken registry items, throughly, there are typically 3 common reasons. When a CHKDSK scan is scheduled to run the next time you boot up your PC, it will run automatically.

You can usually Google an error code and find specific solutions on various Windows-related forums online. The Administrative Events log is a default log filter that shows you the total list of events for all three categories – System, Security, and Applications. Chris Hoffman is Editor-in-Chief of How-To Geek.

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